Funnel Set - 3 Pce

Product Code: 29111

The Impact-A 3-piece Funnel Set can be used for many decanting / filling applications. Three sizes in total, provides the user with a selection of funnels to meet any need.

Each funnel has a removable mesh insert, designed to filter out any unwanted particles. The mesh can be removed, cleaned and firmly fitted back into the funnel, ready for the next round of filling, allowing the user to continue with confidence they are pouring a clean debris free liquid into any storage container, motor or tank.
All funnels have a wide mouth for quick filling, along with an extended side wall that protrudes 30mm – 35mm upwards from the angled funnel surface. The side wall acts as a stabiliser, limiting the motion of the fluid from building up like a wave and reduces the chance of it from spilling over the edge.

The Impact-A nest of three funnels are a must inclusion in any workshop, garage or shed and can be easily stored as a nest of three, or individually hung.

• 150mm
• 200mm
• 250mm

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